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UDR Valley Forge

Benchmark is working currently with CBG Building Company to construct “The George Apartments” in King of Prussia, PA. for UDR. This green field project is the latest in a series of projects at the King of Prussia Town Center that Benchmark has constructed.  Mobilizing to the site in mid-October of 2020 Benchmark’s team cleared the site, blasted 3,000 cubic yards of rock, moved 23,000 cubic yards of on-site material, and imported 17,500 cubic yard of structural fill to allow construction on the first building pad to begin in February 2021. Concurrent with the earthwork, our subcontractor installed nearly 14,000 sf of block retaining walls. Site utilities installed to date include nearly 4,500 linear feet of storm sewer, 700 linear feet of gravity and pressure sanitary sewer, 850 linear feet of water main and a 564,000 gallon underground stormwater infiltration basin.  The project, including off-site improvements and curb, stone and paving on site will be completed in the Summer of 2022.  


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